Flood Information

Flood Information

The city’s website, bouldercolorado.gov/water/boulder-flood-info, has clarified that city building permits are not required for carpet and drywall replacement:

“A permit may be required for restoration work depending on the scope. If you need to make repairs to your electrical, mechanical (heating, cooling, HVAC) or plumbing system a permit will be required. However if only simple drywall repairs are necessary you will not need to obtain a permit. If you know your property is located in a flood zone, please contact a Project Specialist for specific requirements at 303-441-1880.”

Please note, for interior work, the SR4 Architecture Review Committee does not need to be consulted.

The City of Boulder will begin curbside cleanup of flood debris on Thursday, Sept. 26. The curbside collection service, contracted to Denver-based Swingle Inc., will occur for a period of three weeks. Residents are asked to place flood debris, such as carpet, drywall, appliances, trees and branches on the curbside for collection. Debris piles should not block drainage, sidewalks, bike lanes or fire hydrants. Swingle has divided the city into four zones for curbside cleanup and will pick up debris in each zone at least twice, starting on Thursday, Sept. 26, and concluding on Friday, Oct. 18.

The following items will NOT be accepted for curbside pickup: electronics; mud; equipment with Freon or gasoline; and household hazardous waste.

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