Contact Us

Contact Us

Mailing Address
Shanahan Ridge 4 HOA
P.O. Box 3184
Boulder, CO 80307-3184

Current Board of Directors & Volunteers
President, Bob Evans
Secretary, Ed Sacks
Treasurer, Don Middleton

Directors: Loren Morshead, Helen Petach

Architectural Review Committee: Jere Eggleston, Susie Koprowski, Henry Mueller

HOA Landscape Maintenance: Merilee Eggleston

Webmaster: Marcy Cameron

* Please submit any inquiries for Status Reports or financials to

There are the specific things the Board does to fulfill the general obligations listed in the Articles of Incorporation, including, but not limited to: file taxes, handle insurance and bookkeeping services, enforce policies, determine assessments, and handle association business.

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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Chair, Jere Eggleston
Members, Susie Koprowski & Henry Mueller

The responsibility of the ARC is simply to assess whether or not a proposed project complies with the existing covenants and policies and harmonizes with existing structures and the neighborhood at large. If it does, they must approve it. If it doesn’t, they must disapprove it, although if they do, they will work with the homeowner to find alternative, approvable approaches.

We are fortunate on Silver Plume to have an ARC that includes several professional architects, who are especially well qualified to make these assessments. They are also a valuable (and free!) source of ideas, advice, and suggestions for any and all building projects.

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Webmaster, Marcy Cameron

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