General Information

General Information

Welcome to our Shanahan Ridge Four neighborhood!
If you are new to the neighborhood, or planning on moving to the neighborhood, here are some tidbits of information you might find helpful.

Public Schools:

  • Elementary: Mesa Elementary
  • Middle School:  Southern Hills
  • High School: Fairview

Pre-School and Day Care:

  • Boulder Montessori

Public Transportation:

  • SKIP Bus route – bus stop at Silver Plume & Greenbriar, and along Greenbriar
  • 206 Bus route – bus stop located at Fairview High School

Snow Removal:
SR4’s landscape maintenance company will be clearing our common area sidewalks when it snows. That means they clear snow from the parking island walks in addition to the sidewalk along Greenbriar and the feeder walks that connect our property to adjacent subdivisions.

Per City requirements, the sidewalk in front of your house remains yours to clear by noon of the day following a snowfall. For everyone’s safety, please try to do that promptly to avoid ice build-up on our neighborhood walks.

If there is a big snowfall that makes driving difficult on Silver Plume, please call the City of Boulder Street Maintenance department at 303-413-7162 to request plowing. The more of us they hear from, the faster they’ll be here.

Street Problems:
If you know of any other street problems in our neighborhood, you can report them to the city directly by calling Jeff Jerome at (303) 413-7162. Or, you can report maintenance problems to the city through its website:

Voter Information:

  • Precinct: 8451
  • Congressional District: 2
  • State Senate District: 18
  • State Representative District: 014