Policies & User Guide

Policies & User Guide


Shanahan Ridge Four Homeowners’ Association – A User’s Guide

The SR4 User’s Guide contains an overview of our association and the policies and guidelines that govern it.

Below are the topics covered in the manual. To read about any of them, open the User’s Guide (it’s a PDF document) and click on a topic in the table of contents or choose from the bookmarks in the navigation pane.

A Short History of Shanahan Ridge Four 3
Shanahan Ridge Four Plat 5
Silver Plume FAQs 6 – 8

• Does the HOA provide trash pickup?
• If my building project complies with the covenants, do I have to submit it for review?
• What color may I paint my house?
• If I’m repainting my house the same color, must I get approval?
• Do I need to submit my landscaping plans for review?
• My neighbor’s dog barks constantly. Can the HOA stop it?
• Who owns the fence (or landscaping) between me and my neighbor?
• There’s a junker in the parking island. Can the HOA have it towed?
• Is the street plowed when it snows?
• May I plant in the field by my house?
• The cable company is digging in the field. Can they do that?

The Rules We Live By – What the Rules Are For 9
The Rules at a Glance 10
  Common Area Open Space 10
  Exterior Lighting 10
  Fire Mitigation 10
  Noise 11
  Our Homes’ Exteriors 11

• General Maintenance Policy
• Covenant Requirements and ARC Approval

  Parking 11
  Pets 12
  Snow Removal 12
  Speeding 12
  Tree Pruning 12
  Yard Maintenance 13
Annual Assessment 14
Annual Meeting 15
Neighborhood Events 15
The Board of Directors – What the Board Does 16
Architectural Review 17
  Why We Have Covenants 17
  What the ARC Does (and What It Doesn’t Do) 18
  The ARC Review Process 18
  Architectural Review Guidelines 19
    Additions and Remodels 19
    Fences and Gates 22
    Front Doors 23
    Garage Doors 23
    Landscaping 23
    Outbuildings, Play Equipment, and Other Structures 24
    Paint 24 – 25

• Body and trim colors
• Accent colors
• Preapproved colors

    Roofs 25
    Alternative Energy Installations 26
    Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners 27
    Windows 27
    Special Easements 29

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