Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications

To receive emergency notifications in the event of fire or other imminent danger, be sure you’re signed up for Boulder County’s Everbridge emergency alert system. With this system, you will receive notifications wherever you are, and you can get alerts for multiple locations that may be important to you.

The City of Boulder also utilizes a wireless emergency alert system (WEA) similar to the Amber Alert system, that will reach all enabled cell phones within a certain geographic area, regardless of whether you are signed up to receive the county’s emergency alerts. To receive these alerts, be sure to turn on emergency and public safety notifications on your phone.

In addition, the City of Boulder has recently launched a new web-based emergency mapping tool called Zonehaven that divides the city into labeled zones and allows emergency personnel to easily communicate status and evacuation information during an emergency. Go to community.zonehaven.com to see your zone and its status.

Other useful resources:

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